Where Will Be Your First Travel Destination After COVID-19?

Are you getting a bit fed up of lockdown now? Yep, we are too.

Travel may have been put on hold for the moment, but planning our future trips and adventures is one of the very few things keeping us sane right now (along with copious amounts of gin, Netflix and Zoom quizzes).

We have reached out to 10 lovely couples in our community to find out where they will be heading as soon as this virus decides to take a hike. It’s been so inspiring hearing so many different stories from people, some of which are still stuck abroad and will be heading HOME as soon as this is all over. Hearing this just made us feel so grateful to even be at home right now!

Remember, one thing we have control over right now is how we react to the situation and how we spend our time. Both are things which can be based around our love for travel! We can react positively and spend our time finding the things that make us happy, planning the things that get us all excited and writing down our hopes for the future.

So read along, plan tips with us and look forward to the future with us… we’ll all be going on an adventure before you know it.

Who will you be hearing from?

Emelie & Oscar @aswetravelthisworld

Kylie & Scott @lovehardtraveloften

Jamie & Ivana @wanderintwo

Grace & Adam @earthtoaqua

Lauren & Martin @brb_backpacking

Steff & Ells @wearewanderingtravel

Jase & Tiana @travellinkiwis

Anna & Daniel @schwabentraum

Krissy & Denys @love.dream.travel.repeat

Lukas & Lore @lukas_and_lore

Kelly & Luke @roundtheworldwithus

South Africa, Swasiland & Lesotho

We have been travelling together since the day we met and have both wanted to explore Africa for years. We choose South Africa because of its unmatched beauty and the opportunity to see wildlife in its natural habitat. Neither of us are fans of observing animals in the zoo and planned a trip that would allow us to be in their territory as opposed to them in ours. Oscar is a huge fan of astronomy as well and was excited about spending the night under the Milky Way without the obstruction of light blocking so much out. Lesotho and Swaziland were the other major motivation for travelling through South Africa, we wanted to see more than one country on our honeymoon and South Africa offers great border countries with great diversity. COVID-19 will likely make our honeymoon this year impossible but we are not the types to quit because of some unexpected circumstances and have already started adjusting our plans to travel through these beautiful countries as soon as life returns to normal!☺️

London then Norway!

We were planning to go to London and Norway to kick off another summer in Europe and COVID-19 definitely threw a wrench in that plan. Scott’s sister lives in London and we just had our first nephew born there, so getting to London to see him when this is all over is definitely our top priority! After that, we definitely want to explore Norway. It’s somewhere our mountain-loving souls have always dreamed of and somewhere we can’t wait to see with our own eyes. While this may not be happening this summer, we don’t view these plans as cancelled but more postponed :). We can’t wait to live these experiences whenever it’s safe to do so!


We’ve not only been separated from each other during this time, but we are away from family and friends too. The lockdown has been a great time to focus on our never-ending to-do list and while we continue to make the foundations of our business strong we really just miss friends, family and each other! We’d both love to visit home. We’ve been on the road now for two years so more than anything we are craving time at home, exploring our own backyards and spending quality time with the people we love. So, hopefully, there will be trips back to our homes of New Zealand and Scotland first and foremost!

North Wales

We’re not even supposed to be in the UK right now. We were living in Thailand before the outbreak and the plan was to move to Australia (maybe permanently!), but we’re back home now isolating with our family and it’s given us a new sense of appreciation for our home country! We live just on the border between England and North Wales and we’re starting to realise just how much we’re missing out on by not exploring the UK and especially North Wales more! So instead of jetting straight off to Aus, we’re going to explore our roots! We’ve climbed Snowdon before – up the hardest and most dangerous route ‘Crib Goch’ with a friend who is a wilderness guide (see photo) – we’d love to give it another go on our own this time and really explore the full breadth of Snowdonia National Park. We plan on camping for at least a week to see it all. Some places on our bucket list include: Tryfan Mountain, South Stack Lighthouse, Lake Vyrnwy, Neolithic Ruins and Dinorwic Quarry. We also hear there is a secret infinity pool nestled in the side of a mountain in Snowdonia … We’ll have to track it down!

Lake Louise, Alberta

So we actually had a trip planned to Las Vegas before the borders were closed. While we still want to get there when this is all over, it’s no longer on the top of our list. Not being able to get out and explore these last few weeks has been hard, very hard. There are so many places at our fingertips, amazing places. Lake Louise is one of the reasons I used to dream of coming to Canada. So why haven’t we gone yet? Yes we’ve been busy since we arrived in Canada, setting up and finding work and what not. So when this is all over, we want to see more of the beautiful country we’re currently calling home. So a road trip to Lake Louise will hopefully start it all off ♡


I can’t disclose the actual first place we’re going to as it’s a surprise for Steff’s 30th… It’s been postponed due to COVID-19 unfortunately but will be well worth the wait. However, after this trip we would LOVE to visit Iceland. This is a bucket list country and I can’t believe we have been to the other side of the world more than once, but never to Iceland?!! The landscapes seem similar to those of New Zealand, a country we fell head over heels in love with. Iceland is a model to the world on sustainability, something we are both passionate about, so we can’t wait to explore! We think a road trip will be on the cards so that we can see as much as possible ?


We were just two weeks into a six-month Euro/UK trip when we made the decision to return to New Zealand because COVID-19 had become pretty scary! As part of this trip we have planned a ten day road trip around Ireland. We have always wanted to see Ireland to soak in the beautiful landscapes, visit the cute villages and listen to what we consider to be the greatest accent in the world! We were going to meet some family in Dublin and go from there. We had even booked a couple of nights in a castle so when we return we will definitely ensure we have a castle stay! The lock down has made us more excited that ever for future travels!


To be honest, we hadn’t booked anything for this year, because we both started new jobs (Daniel started already, I couldn’t due to the Coronavirus). That’s why we said that we wouldn’t go on a road-trip until September, for example along the west coast of Europe. We still think this idea is great, but at the moment we would love to go to Italy. We have been there several times and we just love it! Especially at the lakes such as Lake Garda or Lake Como. We would also like to support the Italians and show them that we still love their country as much as we did before the crisis (and of course we want to go there because of the good food, who doesn’t love Italian food?).

Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua

We were on our way from New York to San José when first a kidney inflammation and then COVID-19, prevented our onward journey to Costa Rica. After reinventing our entire lives last year and putting a lot of work into making our dreams come true, our backpacking tour through Central America was exactly what our hearts were longing for. Now we are absolutely thankful to be at home, safe and close to friends and family, but we can’t wait to experience our dream trip!

Southeast Asia

Before we met, we both visited a lot of countries with our families. Lukas has never been to Asia before, but he’s always dreamt of it! I, Lore, have been to Sri Lanka before and fell in love with the culture & nature. Since then I’ve been wanting to explore Thailand, Bali, the Philippines… I’m graduating this year, so before COVID-19, we were thinking about travelling there before I started working. We still hope to be able to go after this is all over!

Cornwall, England

For us? Aside from the big move to Canada towards the end of the year, we will be heading straight to Lizard in Cornwall as soon as lockdown is over! Luke and I have a client down there who has been waiting for us to visit his brand new glamping pod and be the first guests to cut the ribbon. This is going to be the perfect getaway for us as we have been apart for 6 weeks so far, so will be amazing to spend some much needed quality time together down by the coast. Our move to Canada has also been postponed from July to October, so we are staying hopeful that that will be going ahead still! Keep up to date with our Canada journey on our Instagram.

It’s been so heart warming receiving these responses from these lovely people, just knowing everyone still has hope and is looking forward to the future. It will one day, be back to normal!
Where will your first travel destination be after COVID-19?
Comment below and let us know your plans!


  • Lozzy

    Loved this post! I’ll be heading to Valencia as soon as I can, then have Thailand and Sri Lanka later in the year 🙂 Booked it before the pandemic so hopefully it’ll still happen!


      Aww thanks lovely! Was really nice getting this post together 🙂 Oooh that’ll be amazing, really hope you get to go so fingers firmly crossed! We’re hoping to still get over to Canada in October too eeekkk

      Kelly x

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