Old Quarter, Hanoi. Top places to eat and drink

Old Quarter, Hanoi – Top 4 places to eat and drink

Hanoi was just incredible, scary at first, but left us wanting more when we had to leave! One thing it definitely wasn’t shy of was food.

Food, food and more FOOD. On every corner.

Here’s our list of favourite places that you must try if you’re in the area!

Coffee 24

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Sweet and savoury crêpes, hot dogs, smoothies, fresh juice, coffee and beer. Coffee 24 was our go to place for our lunch time snack or for a cheeky mid-afternoon Nutella and banana crêpe. The smoothies are lovely and are made fresh, and the bread for the hot dog was so soft and warm – we’ve noticed that bread in general in Vietnam is always so fresh, big bonus!

Like most food places in the Old Quarter, you get to sit road-side (or inside) to people-watch while you munch away, and feel a sense of calm as the busy street continues to rush by. We absolutely love this feeling as we get to take everything in and absorb our surroundings while we relax and do what we do best – eat.

The Note Coffee

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In our previous blog post, best things to do in Hanoi, you’ll be able to read all about the magical Note Coffee Shop! This place is truly inspiring, with post-it notes covering the interior from top to bottom. Each one with a message from someone from another corner of the globe – life quotes, travel inspiration, life advice, sketches, jokes and love notes – you name it, it’s covered in them!

The milkshakes are to die for, but we didn’t manage a piece of cake but they looked so fresh and delicious! If you go, have a huge slice on our behalf and enjoy it, and send us a pic!

Old Quarter Street Food – backpacker street

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Known for the famous street food and evening drinking, the area of Hàng Buồm is definitely the place to visit if you fancy a bit more atmosphere and to be surrounded by fellow backpackers.

After a stroll down several streets and around the block a couple of times on our first night, we decided on a welcoming street restaurant full of Vietnamese cuisine. We were enjoying our food and Hanoi beer too much to catch the name of the place, but can be found if you Google “Đền Bạch Mã”, which is a temple, and you will find the restaurant directly opposite – it’s the first on the corner, and we’re sure you’ll be greeted by the same young, smiley gentleman with a menu!

Little tip: If you need a break from noodles and veg, there is also a Burger King on this street! You didn’t hear that from us. Sometimes you just need a little taste of home you know?

Taco Nón Lá

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Now this place really blew our minds. It never seemed too busy, but after walking past it for 3 days, we had to feed our cravings. The food was to die for! We’re so glad we decided to go in, with loads to choose from and plenty of meal combos, it was peeerfect!

Tacos, burritos, meat and salad – they had it all, and the food came out so hot and fresh and the presentation was lovely. The food exceeded expectations and is probably still one of the tastiest places we’ve eaten in Vietnam so far!

We hope these places tickle your taste buds, and we’d love for you to share any additional places in the Old Quarter Hanoi, in the comments below! There’s only so much food we could eat in 4 days, we wish we could eat everything! What’s the best thing you’ve eaten in Vietnam?

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