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Our Lockdown 2020 Story and Life Update – What next?

This is just a “quick” post to say hello to you all during lockdown 2020 and give you a little update on our current life and travel situation. We haven’t posted on our blog for over a month or properly on Instagram for that matter either, so I want to shed a little light on that too!

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How I’ve Been Feeling During Lockdown (Kelly)

Have Luke and I Been Together During Lockdown?

Are We Still Moving to Canada?

What Are Our Plans Now?

What About You? What’s Your Lockdown Story and Future Travel Plans?

How I’ve been feeling during Lockdown

I’m (Kelly) writing to you today from my newly decorated office in my house, which was previously my bedroom 3 weeks ago. To be totally honest with you, the last 3-4 weeks have been a little tough for me mentally, which some of you would have got the grasp of if you follow us on Instagram and Facebook stories. I’m sure this is the case for most people right now too – we are living in a crazy time and it’s like the big “pause” button has been pushed on the world. I guess this made me feel like I wanted to press pause on my work too (being this blog)? Everything was just crap.

Any motivation to sit at my laptop in general just went out the window and I couldn’t even bring myself to check my emails and DM’s (soz to those who’s emails and DM’s I knowingly left sitting there). I had 10+ Instagram photos ready to post for you all, but the thought of having to write captions and hashtags suddenly became daunting and the biggest task ever. I completely switched off because that’s what I needed to do.

Luckily, just when I was feeling down, I had the opportunity to redecorate mine and my brothers rooms (he moved out and I stole the big room finally after 26 years!). This was a perfect way to let go of forcing myself to try and work, and then hating myself when I couldn’t do it.

So for the last few weeks I enjoyed complete down time, completely switched off to decorate and cover myself in paint and also buy my first ever REAL house plant! I am loving my new room and new work space and my mind is now in a much better place, hence starting our blogging and posting again as of today. Allowing myself to switch off and telling myself it will be okay was clearly just what I needed. That, and too many glasses of pink gin and lemonade (please tell me I’m not the only one who’s become an excessive drinker and snack monster during lockdown??).

It’s good to finally be back now! You can expect to hear more from us, see more blog posts, guides and a lot more collaborations with other amazing couples 🙂

I hope you’re all doing well yourselves… and if you’ve also been feeling down, just know that you’re allowed to feel depressed, you’re allowed to give yourself time off, you’re not alone with these feelings and just remember to give yourself time to heal. Binge on Netflix movies, eat ice cream, rant to friends, cry – do whatever you need to do and know it’s okay. You will naturally perk back up whenever you’re ready, just take your time and don’t force yourself.

Drop me a message if you’re feeling down or just need someone to talk to right now I know it can be refreshing to talk to someone who isn’t close family or friends, so don’t hesitate to DM.

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Have Luke and I been together during Lockdown? What have we been up to?

As some of you may know, Luke and I don’t yet live together. We’re always off on adventures so have found ourselves doing just that, instead of prioritising buying a house (hence still living at home – no regrets at all!!).

So no, unfortunately Luke and I haven’t been together during the whole of Lockdown since 23rd March. We didn’t see each other for NINE weeks and boy it was tough. However, despite each day going slowly, the nine weeks overall somehow flew by – Luke has been working super-duper hard non-stop the whole time bless him, being a key worker doing food deliveries for Ocado. Very proud of him and I’m sure working throughout lockdown has helped time fly by for him too (we’ve both had a tough time and our down days throughout, but I think he’s handling it a tad better than me lol).

The nine weeks passed and enough was enough – I drove an hour to Luke’s area in Dartford to meet up with him for a social distancing picnic in a park (which was finally allowed by that time). We were SO excited to finally reunite and it felt like we were going on a first date again! I was so giddy! This was also pretty much the first time I did my make-up and shaved my legs since the start of lockdown. No shame. And the picnic together was laaaavly! A bit weird of course, not being able to go near each other and all, yet still lovely. Just what we needed to boost our mood through this gruelling time.

I also saw him for the second time 2 days ago on Saturday 20th June which was lovely. He drove to mine and sat at the bottom of the garden – we spent the day chilling, chatting and BBQ’ing in the sun. Not quite the movie marathon and snuggles that we need, but it’ll have to do for now…

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Are we still moving to Canada?

The short answer is.. yes, hopefully!

As you know, we were meant to be moving to Canada round about now. In fact, we were planning on leaving next week, so it’s a really weird feeling knowing we would have been packing our backpacks once again, trying to squeeze all of our clothes into those darn packing cubes.

Originally, we had until 25th July to enter Canada to activate our visas, so when COVID-19 hit in March, we of course instantly thought OH F**K WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO. However, over the first few weeks there was a glimpse of hope as we saw a few people online mentioning about getting their visas extended (their entry date), so we got right on the case. We contacted the Canadian government with all our info, documents, visas and work permits practically begging them to extend it for us, as there was no hope at that time for us being able to make it out there in July.

We got our visas extended!!!

A couple of weeks later, we got the good news that they had approved our application to get them extended and they gave us an extra 90 days to enter, now taking us to October 23rd. I don’t know about Luke his end, but I literally jumped for joy and cried tears of relief. We were so scared we were going to lose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live our dream and work in Canada, due to this stupid flippin’ virus. And it really is a once-in-a-lifetime thing – you can only apply for this visa once in your life and ours are already approved and in motion, so if we didn’t/don’t go, we lose it. The working holiday visa that we have (IEC) is also 18-30 and well… Luke is getting on a bit (lolsss) and will be turning 30 in January 2021, so he wouldn’t have been eligible after that either! It’s now or never.

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So what are our plans now?

Despite having our visas extended, we’re not silly. We know there is still a possibility that it might not all work out in October and that we might not be able to go to Canada. There is always a chance for a second wave, so COVID could crush our dreams after all, but we will just have to wait and see. POSITIVE. THINKING.

With all the positivity that we have, we are going to channel it into planning everything as normal, but are also going to expect the worst if it comes to that. So for now, we are looking for jobs in Canada, as we need to get a job offer before we go (this is now compulsory to enter the country, along with a quarantine plan).

We kind of feel like we’re back to square one, as we’re not sure a ski season will work out in the winter due to the tourism industry being hit so hard and those popular ski jobs being more scarce. So we’ve got a lot of research and thinking to do! Seems like we’ll need a plan B and C too just in case.

As for now, we are both going to carry on working throughout the next 3 and a half months, save more money and hope that it will all work out when the time comes. Until then, a few stay-cations look like they’re on the cards and quite frankly we’re pretty excited about that!! The UK is honestly beautiful and we can’t wait to explore more of what’s on our very own doorstep before we (hopefully) jet away.

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What about you?

We’ve already seen a few of you planning stay-cations around the UK and some in the US and to be honest it’s quite lovely to see! We’re all always so quick to jump on the next flight to the other side of the world, so it’s nice to see so many people exploring their home country. We’ve even seen quite a few van renovations going on which seems like the best idea to be doing right now!

@ruhlsoftheroad, @wearewanderingtravel and @bymattandabbie – you are giving us major van envy and we’re so excited to see your new #vanlife adventures!

So what are you up to now?

Comment at the bottom of this post and let us know what lockdown has been like for you and what your plans are moving forward – we’d love to hear your story too. Are you apart from your partner or kids? Are you alone? Are you staying local this year and exploring your country? Are you heading on the first flight away? Let us know 🙂

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Thanks for reading and we hope you’re all safe wherever you are and wherever you go. Like I’ve said, if you’ve been feeling the same as me or just need an ear to listen, just message me.
All the loveee


  • Steff

    Love this guys! How exciting that your Canadian visas have been extended! We are really excited for you… we can’t wait to do Canada in the near future and can’t wait to follow you guys on your journey!

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