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Why you need to experience Glamping at the Lizard Luna: an honest review

As we were driving away from the Lizard Luna to continue our road trip through Cornwall, a set of holiday blues had already started to kick in… and I’m talking literally just 5 minutes later. We seriously didn’t want to leave and had enjoyed our glamping time so much that we were already planning our next visit.

If you think you’ve already seen glamping at it’s best then you can think again. The luxury decor and furnishings, private shower and toilet, attention to detail, and SUPER comfy bed is just standard for the Lizard Luna – but they don’t stop there…

Outdoor handmade gym? Got it.

Private hammocks? Yep.

Handmade bird feeder? Of course.

Outdoor kitchen sink with hot water? Silly question.

The Lizard Luna honestly has everything you could ever need to make your trip a memorable one, and Martin’s attention to detail is just the icing on the cake. From luxury, silk bedding, to the soft towels rolled up neatly ready for you to use. Fairy lights to set the mood of an evening, and enough tea choices to start your morning just right.

What the Lizard Luna has to offer

Where is the Lizard Luna?

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Top 5 things to see and do in the area


Booking the Lizard Luna

What the Lizard Luna has to offer

Facilities overview

Luxury glamping bell tent, adults only, pet free, double bed, private toilet & shower, outdoor kitchen sink with hot water, outdoor gym, hammocks, fire pit/BBQ, logs available to purchase, picnic bench, bird feeder, cooking equipment & crockery, all the details you could need!

Waking up to the sound of birds chirping and the odd cow in the distance, has got to be way up there with the best feelings EVER. We spent our mornings taking a lovely hot shower in our private wash area, lighting the gas stove, sticking the kettle on and spending way too long choosing which flavour tea we wanted. We sat just outside the tent on the bench, still in our PJ’s with wet hair, and the warm sun on our faces. Time slowly rolled by as we intently kept our eyes on the bird-feeder, waiting for the little morning balls of fluff to swoop in – glamping at it’s best with not a worry in the world!

After spending the day exploring the nearby coves, beaches and lovely little villages, we were exhausted. The thought of heading back to our camp, lighting the BBQ and swinging our aches and pains away in the hammocks, was so exciting that we may have head back a little earlier than we should have! Every evening we threw the burgers on the BBQ (not literally), poured a glass of wine and soaked in the last hours of the British summer sun. And can I just say, the fact Martin built the hammocks so the wine bottle is within perfect reaching distance from the floor, made us like him even more. Good thinking Martin, you know us all so well!

As lovely as it is being away from home, not being in your own bed can sometimes be an issue for people when travelling. Rest assured that Mum and I both agree that this is one of, if not THE most comfy beds we’ve slept in! Not too hard, not too soft, it was juuuust right. We slept like logs with help from the LED candles, fairy lights and the soft rustling of the trees in the wind – our own cosy, little nature haven.

We were never stuck for essentials because of course, the Lizard Luna had it all. Gas stove with gas, kettle, mugs, glasses, tea, coffee, milk, plates, bowls, cutlery, frying pan, saucer, cooking utensils, tea towels, salt & pepper, bottle opener, head torches, bits and bobs for washing up, toilet roll, and even eco-friendly shower gel.

Which leads me to my next point – we were so happy to find out that Martin is doing little bits to help the environment. Only eco-friendly shampoo and soaps are allowed in the shower to prevent nasty chemicals being released back out into our environment. We took the most amazing eco shampoo with us called Faith In Nature, which smelled amazing and left our hair naturally detangled after our shower! Just knowing that we were part of taking small steps to help the environment was an added little bonus for us, so make sure to take some eco-friendly stuff with you to do your bit too!

Wait, where even is the Lizard Luna?

Well you guessed it. It’s in Lizard.

Lizard Point is a peninsula off the South Coast of Cornwall and famous for being the most Southerly point in the UK, not to mention the abundance of beautiful coves and stunning coastlines which surround the area. Nothing is more than a 10-15 minute drive from the Lizard Luna, some places even being 5 minutes up the road! We couldn’t have been more perfectly situated.

We’ve placed the Lizard Luna on the map below, and even added in points of interest for you, just to give you even more of a reason to get yourself down to Lizard if there wasn’t one already! We will also list these places in the next section with photos, so scroll down a tad.

Oh Cornwall, you beauty!

Getting straight into it….

Here are our top 5 places to visit when staying at the Lizard Luna.


The Lizard Luna honestly exceeded all expectations and we felt so lucky to have found such a perfect glamping bell tent with such a lovely, friendly and helpful owner.

There is SO much to see and do in the area, and all within a 10-15 minute drive of our camp. Not to mention the several supermarkets nearby which is an added bonus – we have had previous glamping experiences of having to drive miles into the next town for supplies, but here you don’t have to worry!

The whole glamping experience was so special and memorable and we will definitely be back very soon for another amazing stay – thank you Martin!

Booking the Lizard Luna

You can book your Lizard Luna glamping trip directly through Airbnb.

If you have any questions at all, just contact the Lizard Luna via Facebook or Instagram.

In a group of more than 2?

Trenoon Meadow, where the Lizard Luna is pitched, can accommodate up to 6 adults in total! Check out the Boho Belle & the newest 2019 addition, Tiny Black Bean.

For all the glampers out there, you honestly haven’t experience glamping until you’ve experienced the Lizard Luna! We had THE most incredible, luxurious stay and was an absolute pleasure writing this review, so we hope you’ve enjoyed it! You will not regret staying at this beautiful getaway, let us know if you visit 🙂

As always, happy travels and sending all the love!

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  • Willy

    Wow! I must say a very big thank you for taking your time to engage in this amazing review. I have always loved glamping and having the best experience is a really amazing thing that should be missed. I can’t wait to experience this lizard Luna clamping because of all the amazing things it has such as the luxury decor and furnishings, private shower and toilet, attention to details. This would not just give comfort but feeling of luxury. Kudos for this great review.

    • Kelly

      Hey John 🙂 glad you enjoyed reading it! It honestly was decorated perfectly, it was soo cosy! The private bathroom was just the icing on the cake, we’re visiting again next year and cannot wait. Let us know if you visit!

  • Russ Green

    This really is a very interesting post, you see I love the outdoors and I also love Cornwall, I go there as often as I can, lands end, st Ives to name just two, I also love camping so this is great for me and I am very interested, though it may be just a little bit too late in the year for me, I will certainly be booking up for next year, maybe June or July, thank you for sharing this post.   

    • Kelly

      Thanks for your comment Russ 🙂

      We go as often as we can too! Our favourite place in England by far… We actually went to Lands End while we were here too, and we love a bit of Newquay and St Ives!

      The Lizard Luna will be in full swing in June or July, do let us know if you visit and we hope you love it as much as we did!

      All the best and happy glamping

  • Chloe

    Hello there, thanks for sharing this wonderful post. However I must admit this is my first time hearing about Lizard Luna, but i have been out severally camping and having tents for a house. From the explanation i have seen here and the pictures that goes along, it seem like so much fun as I am someone who doesn’t fancy having lots of people around, I could make do of such outing with my husband alone. How long can one spend there?

    • Kelly

      Hey Chloe 🙂

      Yess it’s not very well known at the moment so it was a pleasure writing this review and helping get the word out! Any shares would be greatly appreciated as I know for a fact people wont be disappointed with a stay here – couldn’t fault it.

      It’s definitely the perfect place for a quiet, romantic week away with your husband. As long as there’s availability (which you can see on Airbnb), you can stay as long as you like – the season runs from around April/May to the end of August.

      If you do visit I hope you have a lovely time!

  • Henderson

    Oh, it’s very nice to learn finally what glamping is because my family friends that stay in the states have been telling me that when I come over, they’ll be taking me for a good glamp and I was thinking it was something not so fun or something scary. I think you have helped me spoil their good surprise though. Lol. Anyway, I’d really like to visit the UK pretty soon. Apart from glamping, is there any other fun stuff to do?

    • Kelly

      Haha when you don’t know what it is, it does sound pretty weird! So basically “Glamping” is “glamorous camping” combined 😀 camping for those who like a little more luxury haha

      If you’ve never been to the UK then a trip to London just has to be done! So much to do in central such as the London Eye, Madame Tussauds, Tate Art Galleries, a cruise on the River Thames?! If you do visit I hope you have the best time 🙂

      Safe travels!

  • Shelley

    Wow! It truly felt like I was reading what our next camping exploration would be about because I cannot for once overlook the experience embedded in this lizard Luna glamping. From the tenting to the decoration and the luxury provided by this, I would definitely consider this whenever we are going on our very next vacation trip. This is truly awesome and great to know of. For what is worth, it is very unique and I feel it would ve a worthy experience. Thumbs up on this

    • Kelly

      Hi again Shelley 🙂  Really glad you liked the review and the look of the Lizard Luna! Honestly probably our favourite stay anywhere, ever! It has a piece of our heart haha definitely going back and couldn’t recommend it to you enough.

  • Michel

    This place looks idyllic and camping or rather glamping has never looked better. I loved the idea of the bird feeder and also those amazing looking hammocks. The different types of tea were also a lovely touch.

    I was just wondering why no children are allowed. Is it because they are too noisy and ruin the solitude for others, or are there no child-friendly activities to do there?

    • Kelly

      We have honestly never seen it done better! Couldn’t fault our stay either, and that includes the location! The hammocks were such a dream, could have even slept in them they were that comfy haha

      Yes the camp pride themselves in being very quiet, hence no pets either. Which shows as all we could hear is birds chirping and trees blowing, it was absolute bliss! It’s just somewhere for couples or friends to book knowing they’ll have a little peace and quiet 🙂 I think it’s great to have a few places like that around.

  • Dave

    I was confused at first, I initially thought the Lizard Luna was some sort of fancy tent for camping…lol. Didn’t realize it was a place to visit with fancy camping stuff. Not sure how I feel about it. I usually associate camping with the outdoors and ruggedness and, luxury with being indoors. I’d be willing to try The Lizard Luna for a getaway, more out of curiosity than anything else.

    • Kelly

      Hey Dave, mistake easily made haha wouldn’t want to be putting that up myself though as it’s pretty semi-permanent and solid!

      It is definitely a different experience and a bit more luxury. Major upgrade from regular camping, we do like a bit of both though – but sometimes you can’t beat a bit of old school camping! Especially in a group with the family 🙂

  • Nazmun Nahar

    Wow, excellent post with great holiday destination especially about glamping. We were thinking to go on holiday this year to Cornwall. But one of the family reason it has cancelled. I was upset but now thinking doesn’t matter we missed because we can go next year. And plus point is we can test about glamping there which we could miss this year. I can’t control myself anymore after reading your post with nice photographs. It is amazing that we can get glamping there with me modern facilities.Thanks for letting us know.

    • Kelly

      Thank you so much! Really glad you like the look of it 🙂 Aw sorry to hear about that, but like you said there’s always next year and the Lizard Luna is open all season! From around April/May – end of August. It really is luxury in a little nature haven, you have everything in one place – if you do go I hope you enjoy it with your family!

  • John

    Theres a place called lizard? That’s Avery new one for me. I haven’t been to the UK before and I think it’s nice to learn about this. Sometimes, we all want to take sometime off to enjoy ourselves away from home and I think this is a very good opportunity to do just that. I would definitely give this a try when I go the United Kingdom. Thanks for sharing this here.

    • Kelly

      Yep! We couldn’t believe it at first either haha this place is definitely a place to relax, you should check it out if you’re ever over here. There’s so much to do in the area too 🙂

  • kaeyoes

    Wow!  What fun!  I’ve done camping a lot, but never glamping.  I used to think I would never be interested in glamping, but I’m older now and I am not exactly fond of sleeping on the ground anymore and find every reason NOT to.  This looks spectacular!  Someday, when I am able to go back to England again, I am SOOO doing this!  This looks like so much fun and something I definitely do not want to miss out on…..added to my bucket list….

    Thank you!

    • Kelly

      Hey thanks for your comment 🙂

      Ohhh you should definitely try glamping! You still get the outdoors and the dirt under your nails, just in a more glamorous way haha! The bed here is also the most comfy bed I’ve ever slept on… definitely beats the floor

      Thanks for reading!

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