mount fuji from lake kawaguchiko

Lake Kawaguchiko from Tokyo

Visiting Mount Fuji is just so freaking surreal. This is the kind of place you just see in movies, or see a “crazy professional traveller” visiting. The truth is, any of us can visit absolutely anywhere in the world, with a pinch of courage and a splash of ‘YOLO’.

So with that being said, we seriously hope you are adding this to your bucket list as we speak, and being proactive and making the plans to visit Japan. Why the hell not? You’re not getting any younger…

Here is our quick guide to explain how we got to Lake Kawaguchiko from Tokyo via bus, to witness the spectacular Mount Fuji in all of it’s beauty.

Where to get the bus from Tokyo

Getting around once you get to Kawaguchiko Station

Our secret photo spot

Squeezing in a visit to Chureito Pagoda

Getting back to Tokyo

Our top tip for travelling Japan

Where to get the Bus from in Tokyo

So there are a few options to getting to Lake Kawaguchiko from Tokyo; bus, train or taxi.

We opted for the bus option as it was cheapest at the time and is always a good shout as you know it will drop you off right where you need to be (hopefully)! A taxi would of course be a lot more expensive, but would be even more precise on your final destination (it could drop you right next to the lake). The bus station is actually also the train station, so depending on the price, the train could be just as good.

So the bus departs from Shibuya Station in Tokyo, and where you want to be going to is Kawaguchiko Station in Yamanashithe journey takes 1.5 hours and costs 2,000 yen (£14.20) each way.

For whatever reason, we actually had trouble figuring out when the return bus was, so once we got to Kawaguchiko station, found out the last bus back to Tokyo was sooner than we thought (but still had plenty of time luckily). Our biggest tip to you would be:

Check the return times of the bus BEFORE your travel day (or just get there super early). Also, be sure to double check the return time on arrival at Kawaguchiko station, which can be found indoors on a whiteboard near the ticket desk – if you’re unsure, please just ask at the counter as you do not want to be stranded here!

More detailed information on the bus website, including prices, route and timetable.

Getting Around Once you get to Kawaguchiko Station

We opted to walk, because we were amongst mountains surrounded by the most beautiful streets and scenery, so we wanted to take it all in at our own pace.

Here is a little map of our walking route, which went around a chunk of the lake and across the bridge – absolutely magnificent views in all directions. In comparison to the whole lake, this walk doesn’t look like much, but it was more than enough as it took us a couple of hours (strolling and taking photos) and we had amazing views of Mount Fuji pretty much the whole way round!

Your other option is to rent a bicycle, which would definitely be the best option in our opinion, as you have the option to cover a lot of ground and also stop whenever you feel like it!

The only reason we didn’t rent a bicycle, is because the shop we went in required ID/passport to keep for a deposit, which we stupidly didn’t have. We also didn’t realise at the time that there were two other bicycle shops around the corner (pinned on map below)!

You can expect to pay 1,500 yen (£10.60) per day for a bicycle.

The shop we went to is Sora No Shita, where you can actually pre-book rental items online and pay beforehand, then collect, which seems like a simple process. But, do take ID along with you just in case, despite their website saying nothing about them keeping ID or a passport… was this a scam maybe? Or do they not trust tourists?

TIP: Make sure you check the tyres and your brakes before you leave the shop, and demand to swap your bicycle if you think something isn’t quite right.

Our Secret Photo Spot

mount fuji from lake kawaguchiko

This place we found by chance. Once we had crossed the bridge and were looking for the best way off it, to continue the path around to the East of the lake, we spotted some local teens up on a big hill.

“Omg we have to go up there too to get a photo of Mt. Fugi!” I excitedly shouted to Luke.

Not knowing this hill is where a little shrine was kept, and having official steps up around the other side, we scrambled our way up the rocks in which we thought was the only way up! But we managed to get to the top, and the views were INSANE.

Our tip to you would be to use the ACTUAL steps up to the shrine, then behind the shrine is where you can find the big rock to sit on and take the views in.

Squeezing in a Visit to Chureito Pagoda

Sadly, we didn’t have time for to visit this place, even though it was on our bucket list! So please make sure you visit on our behalf…

You can find incredible views of Mount Fuji, along with the stunning Chureito Pagoda and surrounding trees. Such a perfect view and photo spot!

How do you get there? Once you arrive at Kawaguchiko Station, you can then book another return bus from there! There are plenty of boards around for all these buses were talking about, as well as little kiosks inside the station to be able to talk to someone and book.

Getting Back to Tokyo

The bus departs exactly where it dropped you off, at Kawaguchiko Station. Like we mentioned before, the last bus home was sooner than we thought, cutting our day of exploring a little shorter than we had hoped.

Take our advice and remember to check the return bus times in advance, and also double check them at the station before you run off all excited towards the lake!

Our Top Tip for Travelling Japan

It wasn’t until the end of our trip that we discovered the Live Japan Website (and app).

It shares tonnes of Japan travel guides, covering trips, food, shopping and lodging. There is so much info on there so definitley worth having a little read before you visit.

There are also lots of guides on Mount Fuji, including itineraries, when to see it and even about climbing it!

Another tip, is to keep an eye out on the Klook website. We had only heard of Klook when we got to Asia, which is a super popular, cheap app which gives you amazing deals on attractions, tours and tickets.

If you actually compare the prices to other websites (and on the door prices), you can see there is such a difference and it can save you a fair bit!

Have a browse below for some incredible Mount Fuji tours from Tokyo!

That’s a wrap! We hope we’ve made your trip to Lake Kawaguchiko from Tokyo a little easier, and got rid of some of those “we have no idea where we’re going” feelings.
Any more questions about this place or Tokyo in general? Drop us a comment below!
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  • Gordon

    Hey beautiful website there and very creative. I would love to visit Japan one day. Japan is not really on my list to go to but I would love to go to and have a look. The lake kawaguchiko looks nice to go to for sightseeing, hiking and camping. Would you take the bus to get there or the taxi? What’s the weather like there in that place? Can you see the volcano there? Japan does look nice to go to for traveling. That place kawaguchiko is so hard to pronounce it and I can’t say the place name in Japan. Does that place snow a lot? 


      Aw thanks very much Gordon 🙂 Glad you like it! We would definitely recommend getting a bus as it’s the easiest and cheapest option. We visited in January and it was absolutely freeezing! We wasn’t prepared for this either as we had come straight from the hot and sunny Singapore. It does get a lot warmer in the spring and summer seasons thought, so it just depends on when you go.

      From Lake Kawaguchiko you can definitely see the Volcano from many angles! However I don’t think there is anywhere for camping, but are plenty of really cute lodges and hotels on the lake-side.

      I really hope you get to visit one day! It’s just incredible

  • Moi MOI

    hello Kelly, Luke
      I and my wife are passionate about nature, travel and everything related to excursions but I will admit it here I absolutely could not think to find in this area of the world places as majestic as heaven that you present in your article; I know now the future destination of our next vacation, I appreciate the concern for detail you have brought and all the information related to it. And on this I will subscribe to not miss anything of your next publication thank you.


      Hey! I know right… sometimes we are both shocked when we see certain places. You sometimes have a perception in your head what a place should feel or look like, but it’s not until you actually go for yourself you see what it’s like for real!

      Really glad you enjoyed the article, hope it helps for any future trips 🙂 happy travels to the both of you!

  • Feji ben

    Hello there this is Avery nice and interesting articles you have got here is lively and also very informative I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i have always wanted to go to  mount fuji but Lake Kawaguchiko is what is on my plan for my January vacation thanks alot I think I have added more ideas on how to plan my trip.

  • Benny

    hi, i love your website. Lake Kawaguchiko is one of the best places to see the iconic Mount Fuji. this mountain is Japan’s highest mountain and its height is at 3776 metres, it is a perfectly shaped volcano and looks especially stunning when snow-capped in winter and spring. now i can see many routes to take when going there and it is realy helpful indeed


      Hey Benny, thank you so much, we appreciate that 🙂 also loving the Google facts there…. thanks for that too lol 

  • Benson

    Seem like a really wonderful place to visit on one of these vacations. I grew up beside the beach and I have always loved the view of the water and this lake kawaguchiko is a really nice one and its view is very wonderful for anyone to want to take a look at. I have never been to Tokyo and this seen like a great idea to take such a vacation and have a good time.

  • Bella

    I have been on so many travels to have fun where I travel to and I have never been to Tokyo before. This lake is very attractive and from your description on how to find your way around Tokyo makes me have more interest in this kind of travel. Traveling on such vacation would be a fun thing for me and my family to get involved in. Thanks for the information.

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