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Why just write about our own experiences?

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Why not go bigger than that and work with you and share yours too?

We are building an online travel community where we would love to share your travel stories and experiences from every corner of the globe! We want our website and ‘ROUND THE WORLD WITH US’ to be not just about myself and Luke, but all of US!
We have had so much fun working and creating with other like-minded couples and cannot wait to meet and work with more of you!
So if you have a passion for travel, love writing, want to be part of our team, or simply want to get involved in our little contributor bits and bobs, just get in touch!

Guest Posts

Have you got a blog post you would like us to feature? Or have a blog post you would like to write up and have shared? We would love to hear your ideas! So if you;

  • Love travelling
  • Love writing and sharing your knowledge
  • Would love to be part of a team
  • Would like to share your travel tips and ideas with our community
  • Would like a little bit of exposure

We would love to have you join us! Anyone who does will;

  • Have their articles shared on our website and back-linked to their own
  • Have their articles featured on our Instagram and Facebook stories and feed
  • Have their articles published on our Pinterest and Twitter
  • Meet other travel couples from around the world
  • Be part of building a worldwide team of travel writers!

Collaborative Posts

Our collab posts consist of short responses from different people to create a comprehensive guide, putting several minds into one post rather than just one! Would you like to be involved in the next post?

You will have;

  • Your own author box with profile picture, name, Instagram handle and Instagram link
  • A corresponding photo of your choice!
  • A back-link to your site (or Instagram) via your name in the contents section

We would love to have you join us and look forward to hearing from you! We can’t wait to hear about your adventures, memories and future travel plans…

To ask us a question or get more info on how you can get involved, simply email us! Just tell us a little bit about you, where you have travelled and whether you’re interested in a guest post or a collaborative post (or both)!

(Just a kind reminder that our travel blog is focused on couples travel, as this is something we are passionate about and the niche we love to write about and share. Please only get in touch if you have content or ideas based around couples travel or travelling with a partner. Of course, some of our topics aren’t specifically “couple” related, however we still like the face of our brand and contributors to be couple orientated. We hope you can understand!)

Collaborative Posts Currently Running...

Below are our latest collaborative posts showing how many submissions we have received for each. If there is space available for a topic you are interested in, drop us an email or DM to get involved!

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