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Gili T, Indonesia: Guide

Gili Trawangan has something to offer for pretty much everyone! Whether you want to learn to dive, swim with turtles, party or just sunbathe, it’s the place for you. This tiny island can be cycled round in less than an hour and offers some of the whitest beaches and clearest water we’ve ever seen! There are no cars or scooters on the island which makes it feel super reclusive and chilled. We chose to spend 5 nights here and felt that was plenty of time, however you can never get enough of this islands beauty.

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Bucket List Activities

Snorkelling With Turtles

If, like us, swimming with turtles feels like a dream you would love to live, then Gili T is definitely the place to do it! You can hop in the sea just off the beach on almost any part of the island and spot turtles. There are, however, two main turtle points which are illustrated with signs.

The first: in front of Villa Almarik

The second: just past La Moomba Bar and Restaurant

The turtles are perfectly comfortable being in human presence, so much so that they allow you to swim right next to them without batting an eyelid. (Can turtles even bat their eyelids??). Just be sure to keep your distance!

Take a Boat Trip

If you would like to see the other islands (Gili Meno and Gili Air) but you would rather not stay the night, doing a boat trip is the best way to do this. You can explore both of the islands, snorkel in some of the most amazing spots and view the underwater statues for around 150k each (£7.50!). That is the price most places offer but feel free to haggle and see the best deal you can get!

Cycle The Entire Island

We spent a morning doing this and it was one of our most enjoyable experiences on Gili for sure. The front of the island can be pretty hectic so if you want to see the real Gili – pristine, empty beaches, beautiful clear paths and vivid flowers, then travel to the other side of the island and you’ll feel like you have the whole place to yourself!

TIP: One point we would add is to make sure you do this early and bring a swimsuit! We enjoyed going earlier as the heat of the day wasn’t at its peak yet and bringing swimsuits allowed us to just stop of at different beaches and explore the water to our hearts content!

Do a Pub Crawl

If pub crawls are your thing, you’ll be sure to want to hop on this one! Every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, Gili T has a pub crawl starting from The Irish Bar. You can sign up at 6.30pm and costs 250k. You get a free T-shirt, a free bucket and then a free drink in every bar you visit! Seems like a pretty good deal to us! There are usually quite a lot of people who attend so you’ll end up meeting some awesome people too.

Visit the underwater scooters

On the beach just outside of Villa Ombak, there are underwater bikes attached to the ground. When we saw photos online of these we were unsure how far out in the sea they would be but we were pretty happy to discover that they were only 3M in depth, just off the beach! So grab your snorkel and explore!

Visit an Open Air Cinema

Every night, many hotels put on films on the beach so you can watch as the stars shine above you! You can watch these at:

Pink Coco – Time: sunset, Price: free

Villa Ombak – Time: 7pm and 9pm, Price: 50k per person with free popcorn.

Pearl Beach Lounge – Time: unsure , Price: 50k

Le Pirate Beach Club – Time: 8:30pm, Price: free

Go Paddle Boarding

Gili’s waters are almost the polar opposite to those in the rest of Bali. Whilst Bali is famous for its surf, Gili if famous for its coral and clear, still waters. This makes paddle boarding one of the best experiences you can partake in while you’re on this stunning island! Whilst standing on the board you can see the turtles through the clear water swimming just below you! Two birds with one stone.

Explore all of Gili’s Water Swings

On your trip around the entire island, you’ll spot plenty of amazing swings and hammocks in the water. These are the perfect instagrammable spot at sunset and beautiful to just relax on during the day!

Places You Must Eat

There are plenty of restaurants around Gili which offer an amazing setting with their tables sitting right on the beach front. What dreams are made of!

Manta Cafe

This was the place we found to be our absolute favourite. Situated right on the main strip, It serves THE BEST jacket potatoes, wraps and everything delicious. We’re not ashamed to say that we visited here for almost every meal on our trip!

Crepe stalls

Something that Bali seems to lack is crepe and street-food stalls, however this is definitely made up for on Gili T. Esme ate a Nutella crepe for breakfast almost every single morning and they were to die for!


Situated right on the sand, this place serves great pizza and BBQ food for those looking for something a little more hearty.

The Banyan Tree

This place serves the absolute best smoothie bowls and cakes!! Perfect for dessert or a mid-adventure snack.

One thing to note whilst visiting Gili T…
Gili is really small and not at all difficult to walk around. Most of the accommodation is at the very front of the island therefore it usually won’t take you more than 5 minutes to walk to your accommodation from where the boat has dropped you off. Please do not use the horse and carts that are being offered on the island. These horses suffer horrible negligence and treatment that no animal should have to endure. Many tourists have chosen to boycott the use of horses and you should do the same! Please read this article before you visit Gili T so that you are aware before you arrive.
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