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Fun Lockdown Activities: #StayAtHome

Another blog post we didn’t think we would ever have to write in our lifetime… Fun lockdown activities? Is there even such a thing? What has the world come to?

Despite the global lockdown, the world is pulling together and there is a sense of community more than ever before! People are growing closer, relationships are developing and we are even getting in touch with distant family and friends. The one thing that we can be grateful for from this pandemic, is the love and positivity that also comes with it.

Luke is unfortunately at home with his family, but we are staying in touch via FaceTime and a couple of amazing virtual apps! There are also some other great ideas to keep you entertained whilst staying at home.

So here are our top 11 fun lockdown activities…

1. Poker Face

First up, our favourite app at the moment (House Party was our fave until it got hacked, but more on that below)!

My Uncle discovered this app a couple of weeks ago and we have all been obsessed with it since. See your family and friends face-to-face and have a chin-wag over a game of poker! Even if you don’t know how to play, you can be that annoying person that joins in just for the chat and taps “check” and “call” to every single hand and bet. You just wanna speak to your family right? And that’s okay.

house party app

2. House Party

This was our favourite app a couple of weeks ago, but since then there has been a lot of news and talk about it being hacked. GUTTED.

This is such a great app where again, you can video chat your family and friends and play games together, such as Trivia and Pictionary. However, we no longer recommend using this app as people have apparently had their emails and other accounts hacked, so take this as a little warning. Luke himself discovered his email has been accessed from 40 different countries in one day! And we can only presume it was from this app.

Leaving it here for when it (hopefully) gets fixed, as it’s such a great app. But I wouldn’t use it any time soon!

3. Virtual Pub Quiz

This has taken the internet by storm. Who needs a pub when we still have what matters – the people, the questions and the beer!

This is such a straight forward activity and probably the most fun. All you need is a quiz master, alcohol, an app such as Zoom, and alcohol.

Zoom is used for conference calls in the normal world, but we’re not in a normal world right now are we. So… let’s use it to catch up with family and friends and have a laugh – it can hosts hundreds of people so there’s no need to worry about numbers!

Either each create a round of questions with a topic of your choice, or simply Google pub quiz questions and answers. As a host, you can also share your screen and/or sound with everyone else, so we had great fun doing picture rounds (landmarks, movies and flags) and music rounds (just create a playlist on Spotify and get everyone to guess the song and artist, just share the sounds only).

Here is a little screen shot from zoom so you can see what it’s like – just a straight forward video chat which can hold up to 500 people. The free version only allows a 40 minute video call if there are 3+ people, so you may have to upgrade for £12.99 per month and split the cost if you want to chill on it for hours!

4. Virtual Trivial Pursuit (or any other board game!)

If you don’t fancy a pub quiz on Zoom or just want to switch things up a little, you can just use any board game lying around and play it virtually! Personally, this is much easier as there are hundreds of questions already made up for you, and also logos if one of you have the logo board game!

How you ask? The same set up on Zoom, with everyone on video chat and the host who has the board game, sets up a second device to be focused on the board game so everyone can see (phone facing you, laptop facing down to the board). The host then reads out the questions, shows the logos and also moves everyone’s pieces. Don’t forget they will be able to see you, so no cheating 😉

Of course the pieces are usually limited to about 6 or 7, so you can just find little objects around the house to make extra pieces, or be creative and create your own!


To create your own new pieces, you could use those chunky board pins and snap off the pin part, or just use little bits of coloured paper or card and roll them into a cone piece, or paint them/colour them in.

5. Heads Up

Now this one is amazing! If you haven’t tried it before, you HAVE to.

It’s almost like a modern version of Charades, but using a phone app to create your topics/word. Each person has to stand up and place their phone on their forehead, and the app generates a word or a saying for everyone to see. Everyone has to then try to describe the word or act it out without saying the word!

SO much fun, and could even be turned into a little drinking game for those looking to make it more fun (we all know quarantine has made us get the drink out more than usual, let’s be honest).

6. Create some silly Tik-Tok videos… you know you want to!

Now, this is not something we go on much, but when the funny videos crop up on Instagram, Facebook or get sent to us from family members, they are always hilarious!

So if you are really stuck for things to do at home, there are some fun, trending challenges and dances to try which could turn out really well, or turn out really bad. Either way they keep you occupied and entertained!

7. Classic Card Games

There’s nothing like getting the cards out and having some classic games around the table! Stick some music on, grab a drink and try one of the following games:

  • Texas Hold Em Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Snap
  • Go Fish
  • Crazy Eights
  • Queens
  • Rummy

If you’re not sure how to play, you can look at this full list of classic card games and instructions on how to play them!

If you have Uno cards then that is a major bonus! Such a fun and quick game.

8. Charades

If Heads Up isn’t quite cutting it for you, a good old classic game of charades always gets the family up and going!

If you have been living under a rock, or just want to remind yourself of the rules, you can check them out on this charades dedicated website (yes, there is a whole website dedicated to charades).

9. Monopoly


I don’t think there is a family in history who hasn’t had a bicker or full blown argument over this game. This is serious stuff okay.

Must. buy. MAYFAIR.

Spend the evening racking up cash and properties, or try the Empire Edition where you have to collect all the world’s top brands, and this version is a lot quicker! Or if you’re deadly serious about this game, there is a Cheaters Edition, where cheaters get locked up! Haha! I just found this out and I find this hilarious. I need to get this.

10. Baking

Stocks are low in shops and if your Tesco is anything like mine, there will not be one bag of flour. But if you’re lucky enough to own some, GET YOUR BAKE ON.

This is such a lovely bonding activity to do with your family and gets you up off the sofa and getting creative. Try baking something you have never baked before or try your hand at some fancy frosting or butter cream patterns! It’s so rewarding as well, presenting everyone with a nice treat to sprinkle a little bit of joy into their day.

11. Jigsaw Puzzles

Now that our lives are slowing down in pace, we’re able to appreciate the smaller things on a daily basis.

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to wind down, work together with your partner or family and get your brain ticking away. Before this pandemic, we were probably all too busy to even think about sitting down and doing a jigsaw puzzle, but now it seems like the most amazing idea and we are now able to take our time appreciating such a simple activity.

We hope this gives you some good ideas to catch up and spend some quality time with your friends and family, even if it has to be virtually. We have to make the most of the situation we’re in, and if a virtual pub quiz with a few beers isn’t the answer, then we don’t know what is.
PLEASE do let us know if you have disocvered some other fun lockdown activities, apps and games during your time at home! We would love to extend this list and share it around as much as possible.
Sending love guys, stay safe, stay indoors and most importantly, stay positive.

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