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Cornwall road trip: top 3 locations for 2020

After everything that’s been going on in the world, we are definitely all in major need of a getaway, even if we’re not able to leave the UK. Solution? A good old stay-cation to get your travel senses tingling again!

Give your self a break, take in some fresh air and remind yourself of the true beauty around us (which may seem weird to do after being cooped up for months!). But you deserve it.

With that being said, have you ever been to Cornwall?

If you haven’t yet then you need to find an excuse to get down there ASAP in 2020! Promise yourself you will. A Cornwall road trip needs to be experienced by everyone in their lifetime and after seeing the beautiful landscapes and landmarks, I’m sure you can understand why.

The great thing about this Cornwall road trip is that there are plenty of options to isolate yourself in terms of accommodation, such as camping, glamping or even renting a camper van!

In this article we’re going to share with you our road trip from London, down to the New Forest, Weymouth, Portland then down to, and around Cornwall!

We share these activities and hotels with you in the hope they will be open once again during the time you decide to travel – please check directly with the businesses themselves to find out their COVID-19 guidelines.

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4 amazing coastal stops on the way to Cornwall from the East

Location #1 – Lizard

Location #2 – Land’s End

Location #3 – Tintagel

4 amazing coastal stops on the way to Cornwall

1. New Forest

1 of our 10 stunning National Parks bursting with wildlife and nature and the perfect first stop on your Cornwall road trip. We stopped here for a few days to see family and is always a pleasure to have this stunning park at our fingertips. Even just driving through is amazing – slowly creeping through the trees and fields in your car while horse spotting!

Photo credit: Olly Johnson (Instagram: @olllyjohnson)

Things to do

Visit the New Forest Lavender Farm
Forest Falconry – Woodland experience with birds of prey
Hire a car and explore all corners of the park
Brave the water with New Forest Activities

Where to stay

New Forest Lodges, New Milton
Beautifully decorated, modern lodges, perfect for a home-away-from-home amongst nature for couples.
Willow Barn Hotel & Restaurant, New Milton
Something a bit more basic for the budget traveller and perfect for a one night stop-over.
Firtree Cottage
Stunning 3 bedroom cottage with a garden, perfect for those wanting a bit more privacy and independence during their stay.
Rhinefield House Hotel
in the heart of the forest, this grand country house with spa is perfect for something a bit more luxurious!

2. Durdle Door & Lulworth Cove

One of our favourite places in the UK with the most incredible coastlines and rock formations, making it the perfect place for hiking, sight-seeing and also relaxing.

Things to do

Walk up and around Lulworth Cove & Beach
Visit the Lulworth Cove visitor centre & exhibition
Have a pub lunch in the rustic Lulworth Cove Inn
Hike the cliffs from Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door
Walk along Durdle Door Beach
Kayak from Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door (& other water sports)

Where to stay

Lulworth Cove Inn
A rustic, cosy B&B with beautifully furnished and decorated, seaside themed rooms. Each one with their own personal touch, with the lovely restaurant and bar downstairs. There’s even a pub garden for when the sun decides to make an appearance!
Lulworth Lodge
Just a stones throw away from the cove and spectacular views, this lodge is the perfect place to stay to soak up the atmosphere and surroundings. They have stylish, affordable rooms and have a bistro downstairs.
Limestone Hotel
Slightly more up the hill but no more than a 10 minute walk to the Cove, you will find this lovely country house. Highly rated meals and restaurant with scenic views are what make this hotel special.

3. Weymouth & Portland

A lovely holiday seaside destination with the little gem of Portland right on your doorstep. The Harbour is our favourite part of this town! It gives it that lovely authentic feel as you have dinner and drinks by the water – it reminds us a little of Plymouth Harbour! Portland also has some hidden (creepy) gems…

Things to do

Weymouth & Portland: food & history, walking & eating tour
Head to Portland and explore the creepy, abandoned WW2 Verne High Angle Battery
Spot the prison lurking, hidden in the hills
Have coffee & cake at the Jailhouse Cafe in Portland, with insane views!
Spot Jellyfish, Rays and Turtles at Sea Life
Visit the historic Nothe Fort
Have dinner by the beautiful Weymouth Harbour

Where to stay

B&B Weymouth
A cosy, newly renovated beachfront B&B. Basic but stylish with everything you need. Be sure to ask for a room with a sea view!
Weymouth Beach B&B
So this is where we stayed! Basic and affordable, but a very old building which showed in the walls and ceilings. Despite that, our room was decorated beautifully with an incredible sea view!
The Royal Hotel
We stepped foot in here to be nosey, as it looked so lovely through the window! A nice bit of luxury and comfort – we’re definitely staying here next time. Well worth the extra money from first impressions!
Hoddy’s Apartment (2)
Beautifully decorated and also situated right on the beach front, this lovely little apartment is great for your own privacy and independence and for a home-away-from -home.

Location #1 – Lizard

UK’s most southerly point!

Jumping head first into our first Cornish stop on our Cornwall road trip! We were majorly impressed by the fact this is the most southerly point in the UK! Which we didn’t even realise until we got there.. oopsy. But another amazing location ticked off the list.

Where to visit

Lizard Point

Lizard Point

This is such a beautiful spot with bright blue waters, stunning cliff edges and this lovely RNLI lifeboat station. It is also the very-most Southerly point in the UK!

You can have coffee and cake at Britain’s most Southerly Cafe or have dinner at the Wavecrest watching the sun set over the ocean.

Kynance Cove

How is this even in England?! We have been coming to Cornwall for years and personally no Cornish coastline compares!

Hike and climb the mind-blowing rock formations, have a picnic on the cliff or even pop down to the beach to the Kynance Cafe.

Church Cove

This is a beautiful coastal walk up on the cliffs where you can spot the lifeboat station.

You can then take a stroll through this enchanting street, full of flowers and cottages, which will lead down to the cove.

Don’t forget to try and spot the Church poking out of the trees!

Mullion Cove

This place has such a community feel to it as families flocked for a stroll and even a swim! It was just like a local swimming pool, but in the little Harbour…

You can find a little gift shop here to take something home with you, or grab a drink.

Gunwalloe Church Cove

Visit the tiny 13th century church of St Wynwallow which is practically on the beach! It’s so spectacular to see a unique setting like this, making it a great photo spot full of history.

Where to stay

We know that whenever we visit Lizard we will never need to search for accommodation again. The Lizard Luna will always be our go-to-place and we’re proudly recommending this to you, knowing you will have the most incredible, luxurious glamping stay.
Glamping Cornwall

Lizard Luna is just perfect for a couples getaway! Or even if you’re looking for a place to take your Mum for Mother’s Day, or to reconnect with an old friend over a glass of wine on a summers eve.

Personally, what made this place stand out to us was the fact it was adults only and pet-free. Perfect for what we wanted as we knew we would have a little peace and quiet, something we sometimes don’t get at home, which I think you can all relate to…

We will let the photos speak for themselves here, but you can also read our full review on the Lizard Luna.

Check dates for the Lizard Luna

Location #2 – Land’s End

Our second stop on our Cornwall road trip, the iconic Land’s End! This headland is England’s most Westerly point. So not only will you be visiting the most Southerly point, but the most Westerly too! Something to brag about for sure.

So here’s a list we have created for you, with things to fill your day with at Land’s End, and where to lay your head at night, after a long day of exploring.

Things to do

Take a photo at the iconic Land’s End signpost

Yes this is iconic and you just HAVE to get a photo of it, or did you even go there?

However, to be to be totally honest with you, it was a bit of a let down. I don’t know what we expected, but we didn’t expect for it to be cordoned off by chains, having to pay £10 odd to stand in front of it.

Before you ask, NO, we did not pay. You just have to stand by the chains and wait for a gap with no people!

Visit the “First & Last Gift & Refreshment House in England”

You simply can’t visit the most Westerly point in England without visiting the most Westerly house!

Another amazing thing to tick off the list and to also taking in the stunning scenery that surrounds it. Which leads me to my next point…

Take in the stunning surroundings

Take a minute, or 5, to stop by the cliffs outside the gift shop and appreciate all of your surroundings. The views are absolutely incredible as you have cliff coastlines on your left and right and nothing but oceans of ocean in front.

Despite this place being completely stripped of it’s nature and turned into a tourist hot spot, it’s lovely to have so much to do in the area. Grab some food, check out an exhibit or experience, or simply grab an ice cream!

Visit the First & Last Inn for dinner on the way home.

Another “First & Last” for the list!

We stopped off here for a drink on the way home, to be greeted by a friendly bar maid. She even went on to tell us that the weird looking fireplace at the back used to be a smugglers tunnel! SO COOL.

TIP: you can even stay here (hence the “Inn” part, duh Kelly)! Check our next section for the accommodation info.

Where to stay

The Land’s End Hostel, Trevescan
Something budget friendly for the backpackers, and even couples on a budget with their twin rooms. Basic, but has everything you need to stop over and visit this bucket list location!
First & Last Inn – Saddle & Stable Rooms
Lovely & fresh modern rooms, perfectly decorated and plotted right next door to the First & Last Inn – restaurant & bar.
The Land’s End Hotel
With spectacular views of the ocean and lighthouse, this perfectly situated hotel sits right above the granite cliffs. You can’t get more Westerly than this!
Old Rocket & Pump House
A few miles North but still right on the coast, this cosy, modern home is all yours, with beautiful seaside decor, sea views and even an indoor log burner!
Shark Fin
Oh my! This is absolutely stunning. Spacious, modern & luxurious. Panoramic windows for spectacular sea views, and a rustic, cosy feel to the whole house and outdoor patio area.

Location #3 – Tintagel

The third and final stop on our Cornwall road trip, but last is certainly not least in this case. If anything, we’ve saved the best til last!

We had heard all about Tintagel and it’s new bridge recently and knew we wanted to go and see it for ourselves, but hadn’t actually looked up any photos online at all. So there was a little suprise element about visiting this place which made it that even more bit exciting!

So, why should you visit Tintagel then?

Things to do

Explore the iconic & historic Tintagel Castle

With early medieval ruins, scenic trails, a gift shop & cafe, this is such an amazing experience to see such history right here in England.

TIP: When buying your tickets in the ticket office, you can speak to the truck drivers and pay them directly, a small amount to take you down the hill and back up again if you think you’ll struggle. From memory, it was £1.50 each way, per person.

Walk across the new £4M bridge!

Wow! What an experience. We were lucky enough to visit the bridge within a few days of opening, which was an honour. This bridge was finally built to connect the two broken halves of the castle, for the first time in over 500 years!!

Crossing it was incredible, scary, over-whelming and exciting all at once!

TIP: access to the bridge is included with your regular entrance ticket!

Snap a photo with King Arthur

Inspired by King Arthur and Tintagel Castle’s history, this 8ft tall bronze sculpture was designed and placed looking out over the Atlantic Ocean.

TIP: more of a reminder than a tip, but a sunset photo here would be SO EPIC, so try and do that if you can!

Opening times are 10am – 4pm, so would only be able to catch sunset in Autumn or Winter on a clear day.

Visit the Old Post Office

A sensational, Grade I listed, 14th Century post office, right in the heart of the town.

TIP: go out the back into the garden, head right to the back behind the bush (there’s a little pathway), to be (hopefully) greeted by lovely horses in the field!

Have coffee & cake at Charlie’s Cafe


A perfect place full of personality to stop for tea and cake, either before or after (or both!) going down the hill to the castle. Situated right in the middle of the high street, you can’t miss it!

Stop for lunch at King Arthur’s Arms Inn

Some seriously delicious pub grub!

This was just what we needed after walking around the castle all day! The food here is lovely with a nice, diverse menu and an outdoor seating area.

Where to Stay

King Arthur’s Arms Inn
Top rated on and prime location. Not just great for food, but also a fantastic place to stay, right in the midst of everything. All the things to do which we’ve mentioned, all within walking distance!
Fontevrault Cottage
The most beautiful and cosy cottage, perfect for 6 people or less. Also situated right in the town centre. There really is nothing like having your own private place to stay!
The Wootons Inn
Just 650 yard from Tintagel Castle, this is one of the closest accommodations to the castle. Lovely basic rooms, and well decorated and spacious.
Tintagel Arms Hotel
Probably the nicest looking out of the bunch in our opinion – stunning, modern interior design and super cosy, also perfectly situated on the high street. They have a lovely looking dining room with bar too!

Now you have driven along the Jurassic Coast and looped around the most Westerly point of England through Cornwall, you would have been on an epic road trip to say the very least. We came home feeling we had been absolutely EVERYWHERE (which we kinda had…). Hiking boots muddy, hair blown to smithereens, hearts filled with joy and no care in the world – just how it should be.
Don’t let this list limit you though if you have more time to kill! You MUST check out these places if you can…
1. Torquay
2. Plymouth
3. St Michael’s Mount
4. Penzance
5. St. Ives
6. Newquay

Don’t drive? Or looking to have all the planning and driving done for you? Or looking to meet new people and travel in a group? Take this ultimate, 5-day bucket list road trip through Devon, Dorset & Cornwall with accommodation included!


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