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Travelling as a couple, staying in hostels amongst dozens of other people, or even being separated really didn’t appeal to us. We travelled Southeast Asia knowing our accommodation was going to be a big part of our trip, so didn’t want to feel disappointed and not enjoy the whole journey. We’re sure most of you travelling couples out there can relate? Would you rather have more money or a cosy sleep? Sometimes you just need that cosy sleep ya know…

Vietnam was one of our favourite, if not most favourite country in Southeast Asia so far – we would even consider going back a second time. As a backpacking couple, we want to share with you the cheapest hotels we found in Vietnam, giving you full, unbiased reviews.

If you’re lucky enough to have already been to Vietnam and have personal views on any hotels we mention, please share in the comments – we would love to keep this post as up to date as possible. We’d also love for you to comment any amazing hotels in other Vietnam destinations that simply need to be shared!

So getting stuck straight in with some ratings… where would you like to go?


Ha Long Bay

Da Nang

Hoi An


Little Hanoi Diamond

Cost: approx £13 per night
Best things to do in Hanoi

Located in the heart of Hanoi, this hotel was in the heart of the action, surrounded by shops, mini supermarkets and an abundance of street food. Popular attractions such as Train Street, The Note Coffee Shop, Sword Lake and the B-52 lake are all within walking distance.

Little Hanoi Diamond wasn’t what we were used to back home but wasn’t all that bad and we were soon to realise it was one of the nicer budget hotels in Vietnam! We would definitely book here again, having an overall pleasant experience with the only major fault being that there is no elevator – not the best when you’re on the 5th floor carrying a 15kg backpack! But that’s just life.

Overall (7/10)

First and foremost, the staff were very welcoming, friendly and were happy to help with any questions and queries. They also offer help for booking transport or tours. The room in general was fairly cosy and clean, with all the basic necessities we needed – a great budget hotel right where you need to be.

Cleanliness (8/10)

The first thing we look for in a room is the cleanliness. The bedroom and bathroom seemed clean, minus the dust behind the TV and on top of the wardrobe, and there was always a smiling cleaner hard at work every day which is always a good sign.

Bed (6/10)

The bed was a lovely size, probably Queen, which is quite common in Asian hotels. It was slightly firm, but not too much and the sheets smelled fresh and clean which is most important. We had a lovely, unsettled, sleep here as it started to feel like home.

Space (6/10)

There was enough space to open both backpacks on the floor and sprawl everything absolutely everywhere – otherwise known as exploding backpack syndrome, described by the lovely couple @positravelty. The desk and chair are great for a work space and storing other little bits and bobs. In addition, there is a wardrobe with plenty of space and a key. Note: also take possession of the spare key on top of the wardrobe for extra security! No ones going to be stealing our underwear today.

Quietness (5/10)

The hotel itself was very quiet and we managed to get a decent, undisturbed sleep. However, being situated in the heart of Hanoi means busy roads in the day, being even worse of an evening – there were revving engines and lots of beeps, but wasn’t too much that we couldn’t sleep as it seemed to settle by around midnight. It was actually quite exciting hearing the sounds of a completely new place and this wouldn’t stop us from booking again.

Room amenities (5/10)

Bottled water was provided, however did not have a wrapper around the lid – we’ve explained in our Backpackers Beginners Guide why having plastic seals on your bottled water is so important. Likewise, in most hotel rooms worldwide, basic shampoo was provided, however, no conditioner. There are no tea making facilities, but having a TV and free WiFi made up for this. WiFi ftw.

Hotel Facilities (5/10)

Breakfast was included in our stay which is served downstairs in the hotel restaurant. The breakfast was very basic with a choice of tea, coffee, fruit juice, selection of fruit, toast or an omelette cooked to order in front of you which was a pleasant suprise. Very yummy omelette at that! The only major downside, as mentioned above, was the fact there was no lift in the hotel – if there was they didn’t tell us about it!

Location (9/10)

You couldn’t ask for a better location. You’re in the midst of everything with clothes shops, tour shops, restaurants and mini supermarkets on every corner, which are fantastic to explore. We managed to visit most tourists spots by foot, with the longest walk being 30 minutes, to the B-52 Lake. This was by choice as we love exploring by foot at our own pace, but also seemed the safest too!

Ha Long Bay

The Light Hotel

Cost: approx £11 per night

We’re going to be totally honest and say we probably wouldn’t stay here again. The main reason being, it’s pretty out of the way of everything which we didn’t realise. The nearest shop is on the same road, so just a 1-minute walk, but after that there isn’t much else around to get excited about. The main road towards the seafront is just a 10-minute walk down the hill, where you can find the Sun World Complex and a long stretch of restaurants. Depending on what you need, this was the cheapest hotel we could find in the area, but if your budget is a little higher then you can find other hotels nearer the bay.

Overall (5/10)

Our overall stay was pleasant, with a room on the lower floor. The staff are very helpful and are ready to help you book Ha Long Bay tours, as well as any other local tours. This was super handy and one thing less we had to worry about – they were very organised.

Cleanliness (6/10)

The bedroom and bathroom were both very basic but clean. The room seemed slightly old and unloved which is why we didn’t give it a higher score, however, no major faults.

Bed (5/10)

The double bed was a little bit of a let down, being just a futon style mattress. The pillows were also a little uncomfy, but neither of these were bad enough to lose sleep. However, we would not choose to sleep there again if we had the choice! I suppose you get what you pay for – it’s okay for a cheap place to stay as a couple so we couldn’t complain. Like we’ve said, we’d much prefer our own privacy over a dorm with 10 other people!

Space (5/10)

There was not much space in the room, but enough to maneuver and have our backpacks opened on the floor. We’ve been in a lot smaller rooms, put it that way.

Quietness (9/10)

The thing that stood out most to us was how quiet the hotel and location was. The upside of being slightly out of the way means you get a great nights sleep! Not a peep. Zzzz

Room amenities (5/10)

The room had basic necessities such as shampoo, a hairdryer, TV, and (slow) WiFi with a small desk and stool which was great for putting make-up on. For us this is all we need, so this is never too much of an issue as we have learned to live basic. There is also a wardrobe, but when backpacking, who really uses those?!

Hotel Facilities (8/10)

The facilities were great and one of the reasons we chose this hotel. There was quite a wide range in breakfast menu, which is served in the lobby dining room. Here, you can also find sofas, computers and a pool table which is free to use. Thankfully, the staff have an abundance of trips and tours for you to choose from, which they organise for you – this is always a great relief as it saves you the leg work! A great touch is the mini bar in the lobby for quick drinks if you forget to pop to the shop.

Location (4/10)

As we’ve mentioned, this hotel is pretty out of the way and is unfortunately the reason we don’t think we would stay here again. A couple of doors down, to the left, we luckily had a mini supermarket which was great for breakfast snacks and drinks – on your way down to the sea front you will find a few more shops, with an abundance of restaurants stretched along the promenade on the main road, Ha Long.

Eat and drink into the evening, or pay a visit to the Sunworld Complex – if you fancy visiting somewhere else you will have to flag down a taxi. There is not much else here other than that, so was a little bit disappointing to stroll around of an evening. Despite going a little out of season, Ha Long didn’t have that buzzing atmosphere that we much loved in previous Vietnamese locations.

Da Nang

Hanami Hotel

Cost: approx £14 per night
Da Nang Guide

A hotel experience that will stick with us for sure. Definitely the best value hotel we found in Asia, that turned out to be pretty luxurious for a pair of budget backpackers! For that price too? Can’t complain at all and totally under-priced if you ask us.

Lovely stay, professional staff, gorgeous breakfast, a rooftop bar – not to mention the comfiest bed we think we’ve ever slept in! If that wasn’t enough, the location is something else to boast about – we’ve outlined where to eat and visit in our recent Da Nang blog post.

Overall (8/10)

The hotel is very well-kept with professional, smiling staff who were happy to help with anything. Not to mention, the location was almost perfect too! We were very lucky to find this hotel and cannot recommend it enough to fellow-travellers on a budget. We would have scored it higher overall if there was a pool.

Cleanliness (8/10)

Not only was the bedroom and bathroom modern, but also spotless. The sheets were soft and smelled clean, the only issue we had was a pesky beetle that flew through the Air Con unit one night – that was fun to say the least, trying to get the little fella out into the hallway!

Bed (10/10)

We’re not joking… the bed was a dream. From what I recall, we collapsed on the bed and took a nap because it was so comfy! Perfectly soft mattress with no lumps or bumps, big full, fluffy pillows and duvet that you sink into, dressed in soft white cotton sheets. The bonus being the room was so modern and luxurious, with mood lights around the ceiling.

We still talk about this bed today, and dare I say it’s way more comfy than mine at home! It was very hard to move on from this hotel to say the least…

Space (7/10)

The room quite spacious, with a very long desk, almost the length of two. This was great as a work space and to keep all of your important bits to hand. The bathroom had a lovely, large walk-in shower which was fantastic. There are also family rooms and apartments available which look incredible, so something for everyone.

Quietness (6/10)

The room seemed very well insulated and the windows pretty sound proof. There was a slight hum of traffic in the evening, but the location is quite small and compact and everyone seemed to disappear after midnight! The only issue was the slamming of hotel room doors – we tried our hardest to not to this, as the door hinge is on a tight spring. However, some people had other ideas, but regardless, our sleep was fairly quiet and blissful.

Room amenities (8/10)

Who doesn’t love a mini bar? Especially when the drinks are the same prices as the shops – saves us a journey in thirsty situations! The small mini bar fridge is located under the desk, with plenty of tea making facilities above. We also had free WiFi which is always a bonus, with an abundance of channels and movies on the large TV. Laundry service was even available, which for backpackers is a God send – there’s only so many times you can wash your clothes in the sink.

Location (9/10)

Just a short 5-minute walk towards the coast and you’ll find yourself amongst beautiful cuisine and nightlife. The restaurants are so visually pleasing and all so diverse, but our hearts are definitely with Veda’s Kitchen. Their curry is one of the nicest we’ve ever tasted, and we’re quite experienced in that department let’s say. We’re yet to find another like it in Asia or England! You must try it.

From the hotel, you have a straight run all the way down to My Khe beach, which is in our top 2 beaches in Southeast Asia so far. Absolutely breath-taking and picture perfect. The tropical beach we have only dreamed of! Stretched with fine, white sand, bars and straw umbrellas – definitely the number one spot for relaxation and a coconut (if you like them – ewww).

Hoi An

Estuary Villa

Cost: approx £14 per night
Best backpack for travelling

This was a little slice of paradise with our own pool and free use of bicycles! This place was our ultimate place to relax and have some us time. The whole Villa had a lovely atmosphere and we thoroughly enjoyed dipping in the pool and cycling to the nearby beach. The staff even provided a group meal and drinks for all the guests, to have a little party and wish us well on our travels – how amazing is that?!

Overall (9/10)

The perfect place to relax, with jacuzzi jets in the pool and a huge bed in our room. The overall stay was so pleasant, we felt really at home here. The free use of bicycles was a lovely touch in an already amazing stay.

Cleanliness (8/10)

Not just our room, but the pool area too, was very clean. This is always a major factor – just because you have a pool it doesn’t mean you should swim in it! A lovely clean pool is always a bonus.

From top to bottom the room was very clean, including the sheets on our enormous bed!

Bed (8/10)

We were pleasantly suprised by the size of the bed, as it was almost the size of two small doubles put together. Although we didn’t have a big fluffy duvet like in Da Nang, the sheets were fresh, clean and still cosy. We had a wonderful sleep here and was one of the comfier beds we slept in in Asia.

Space (10/10)

Biggest. Room. Ever. You definitely won’t be short on space here, which is perfect to sprawl your clothes all over the place and not have to worry about where you’re going to walk. The bathroom was also bigger than most, with a spacious double shower.

Quietness (9/10)

We didn’t seem to hear a peep from our room, even during the day, bar a few passing footsteps. The hotel itself is located along a river, so there isn’t much sound pollution around – so peaceful and quiet. Luckily, we also had lovely quiet neighbours in the other hotel rooms which made the stay even more enjoyable.

Room amenities (6/10)

Basic tea making facilities were provided along with hotel manufactured bottled water and a mini bar. We had free WiFi, a desk with chair and a very small, child-size dressing table – cute addition, but not quite for 6ft tall people like me.

Location (7/10)

The hotel was situated quite nicely, along the river and about a 5-10-minute walk to the main road where you can find a few shops. On the other side of the road you will find Hidden Beach with beach-front restaurants – this is very walk-able, but you can’t beat cycling down to the beach for sunset!

To get to Hoi An’s Old Town, you’d need to grab a Taxi or rent a scooter as this is around a 20-minute ride – unless of course, you’re feeling adventurous and fancy a bike ride.

We hope this lists of cheap hotels in Vietnam helps some of you guys out and we’d love to hear your views if you’ve stayed at any of these awesome places! 🙂 We still cannot get over our stay and Hanami Hotel!

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