Best backpack for travelling

Best backpack for travelling – Ultimate backpack 2020

We have officially found the ultimate backpack for travelling!

We’re excited to write a full review on this backpack as it has been amazing so far and couldn’t imagine having any other. We want to share it with you guys in the hope to save you the troubles of researching like we did – this one came out on top and we can’t recommend it enough. After all, this will be your new home so we know it has to be perfect.


Nevis Extreme Backpack 65L + 15L Day Backpack

Rated 5 star after 43 reviews, and a 5 star from us!

Available in black (£64.99) or navy (89.99)


1. Strong, secure and great quality

We bought the backpack online so were pleasantly surprised when it arrived. Strong, heavy duty fabric which prevents rips, so definitely something we thought could handle a bit of adventure. So far so good!

The zips are also very strong with the usual little holes in them to add your own locks (combination locks work best, and are harder to break into), with 4 buckles to support the zips when closed.

The main feature we really wanted was to have a backpack that opens up all around the front with easy access, as opposed to just opening at the top and having to take everything out if you needed something at the bottom! This is also why this backpack is perfect and contributes to being the best backpack for travelling!


2. Detachable day backpack

Being the main feature that caught our eye, it has been very handy having a detachable day bag. Mainly because it can easily be clipped and un-clipped around your front when wearing the main backpack, which is not only great to keep your valuables close to your chest and in sight, but also distributes the weight between your back and front.

We must admit we haven’t yet needed to re-attach the day bag back onto the backpack, but it great knowing we can do so if needed. Our valuables are kept in the smaller bags so are always our hand luggage and don’t leave our side!

You can find several compartments within the two main sections of the day bag. The main area includes a padded sleeve to fit a small laptop (around 13” max), and the front section includes compartments to hold a phone, pens and other small bits and bobs. It has an opening for headphones so you can still keep your phone inside the bag while you listen to tunes, plus a little H2O opening for a hydration bladder.

If that’s not enough, there’s an additional two exterior side pockets big enough to fit a bottle of water each side.

The straps are adjustable and there is a chest strap for extra support to take the weight off your shoulders a little.




3. Adjustable back system plus additional strap

The padded back system and straps are super comfy and have tonnes of support. There are hip, sternum (chest) and compression straps, so there should be no pain if worn correctly!

If your shoulders are tired and you fancy carrying it like a baby (like Luke does – backpacker level 1,000), then there is an over-the-shoulder cross strap hidden in a zipped compartment for support. We didn’t realise this was there and have only just figured it out while writing this article lol! Oops..

4. Spacious and lots of compartments

The main backpack turns out to be a lot more spacious than it initially looks. We were worried about fitting everything in, but we managed with the help of packing cubes, which we would be absolutely lost without. If you haven’t got these yet then you’re missing out!

What’s amazing is the foot storage of the backpack. There is a partition inside the bag which allows you to either keep the foot of the bag separate (for muddy boots!), or to unzip it and combine it with the main part of the bag, making it a lot bigger. We personally keep it for our shoes and any wet clothes in our wet bag.

We just love how many little secret compartments there are on these bags. The main one has a great little zip pocket located on the cushioned waist support, giving great access to a bit of change or some hand sanitiser.


6. Luggage cover plus waterproof cover

A great touch is the Velcro compartment at the very foot of the back on the exterior. Inside you have a cover which pulls over and neatly zips away the entire back strap system, making it safe to check in at the airport, preventing it from getting caught or ripped making it’s way to your next destination.

In addition to this, you have a waterproof cover that pulls over and covers the entire front of your bag – ready for them unexpected downpours! It’s also a great way to keep your bag clean, or if you’re like us then you don’t bother with this and your bag has got a lovely rustic traveller look to it.

We’ve researched, tested and witnessed SO many backpacks, and we truly believe this is one of the best, if not THE best backpack for travelling in 2020. We’ve even seen 6 other couples with the exact one within our first month of travelling – that’s got to be saying something right?

We hope this makes your decision easier! Comment below if you have anymore questions 🙂

Kelly and Luke


  • Lok Which

    Woow amazing this is one of the best backpack I’ve ever seen. I love the idea of it being waterproof and has additional strap to hold things that  might not have a space in the backpack But a quick question is there a way we can connect this backpck to a suitcase for a case of long travelling.

    • Kelly

      Hey Lok, thank you for commenting!

      It’s literally amazing, we fell in love with it straight away! Nothing like most of the others we’ve seen and tried on.

      In terms of attaching it to a suitcase, we’re not quite sure. It could be possible if the backpack isn’t too heavy as they can fit loads and become super heavy! However, the across-the-shoulder strap could help hold it in place!

      Hope this helps 🙂

  • manuel

    Having a good backpack when travelling can never be understated. I know how important it is to be able to properly arrange your items in your backpack and also be able to have easy access to them. It can make your journey to be a lot more interesting. 

    I have never made use of the Nevis Extreme 65L Backpack and I think this is the first time I am hearing about it. There are other backpacks I have made use of that were really good. Can this backpack also be used for hiking purposes or is it only meant for travelling. 

    • Kelly

      Thanks for the comment Manuel 🙂

      Couldn’t agree more! That’s why we definitely wanted one that completely zips open around the front, almost like a suitcase. Couldn’t image having one that only opens at the top haha

      This can definitely also be used for hiking! It’s versatile and is really padded and comfy 🙂

  • Josh

    What a great looking travel backpack and so many addons!  It looks like this backpack is intended for travelers that are visiting a lot of places in a short period of time, like a week long trip to Europe.

    Would this backpack be recommended for a distance hiker that is going to camp out?  Would it accommodate a small tent and gas grill if necessary?

    Besides the packing cubes, are there other accessories that are recommended to compliment this backpack?

    Thanks for the interesting article!

    • Kelly

      Hey Josh thanks for the comment 🙂

      I think this backpack would be great for any kind of trip really! We’re planning on taking it to the mountains one day too, and should deffo fit a small tent and equipment!

      Well this backpack actually seems quite popular, we’ve seen quite a few! So we like to use coloured bandana’s to be able to differentiate ours at the airport 🙂

  • Ngonidzashe Manzwangani

    As I am preparing to go for a Christmas holiday with my 4 member family, I just found that we need a huge, durable backpack to to put our belongings, so after watching a couple of reviews, I am at last happy to find the real match for our needs. The only question I may need to ask here is, how long does it take to recieve my order? I have never ordered anything on Amazon, I usually buy on eBay and AliExpress  

    • Kelly

      Thanks for your comment Ngonidzashe 🙂

      Glad we could be of help, and we hope you have the best time on your holiday!!

      Amazon is actually just as fast as eBay, and you can also join Amazon Prime which includes free next day delivery on some items, it’s really useful!

      Any more questions just let us know

  • Anthony Hu

    It is a timely review for me. I am planning my summer US national park trip now and need a backpack. The Nevis Extreme 65L Backpack sounds perfect for me. I tried to find the price for the backpack, but don’t get it. I have a budget of about $80. Is this enough to buy  this? Thanks for the nice review.

    • Kelly

      Hi Anthony, thanks for your comment! Sorry you we’rent able to find the price, we haven’t made it clear and will review that now!

      The backpack is £64.99, which works out to $81 🙂 spot on! It really is amazing and we hope you enjoy it! Let us know if you have any more questions about it.

  • Henry

    Hi! I’m glad I came across your review! I have been searching for backpacks and have read a couple before landing on yours. But none of the others had convinced me.

    I’m impressed with the versatility described with Nevis Extreme 65L Backpack + Detachable 15L Everyday Backpack. And 2 of the features that have really made me make up my mind are:

    1. The Detachable day backpack can be re-attached when ever it’s needed.

    2. An the many compartments described meet my personal needs.

    • Kelly

      Thanks for your comment Henry!

      We’re really glad you came across our post and we were able to help you 🙂 it really is amazing and we’re here if you have any more questions about it!

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