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Airbnb Tips and Tricks

Out of everywhere we stay across the globe, we think it’s safe to say that for us, Airbnb’s are our favourite form of accommodation. We love the easy access of the app, the privacy of having your own little home on our adventures, and the diversity of accommodation available (the self-check in feature is also a bonus!).

We have been avid Airbnb users for YEARS and have picked up these few hacks along the way and want to share them with you guys! (One of them we literally just figured out a few weeks ago when booking our apartment in Canada…)

So getting straight into it, here are our favourite 5 Airbnb tips and tricks.

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1. Referral links – get £34 off your first booking!

2. Monthly instalments for long term bookings

3. Airbnb Superhost & Airbnb Plus

4. Big discounts on longer stays

5. Instant book feature

Referral links – get £34 off your first booking!

Our favourite Airbnb hack EVER, that will soon become yours.

You can get £34 off your booking when booking your first trip with Airbnb. Free money is amazing right? And if you’re really cheeky like us (tell me a backpackers that isn’t a cheapskate), you could always create a second account and get your free credit that way, if you already have an account. You didn’t hear that from us.

That’s not even the best part… Did you know you can share you referral link, you can earn up to £23 for every person that books for the first time! So not only can you get your £34 initially, you can share your link til the cows come home and build up an ongoing hefty sum on your Airbnb account!

Monthly instalments for long term bookings

Please tell us we’re not the only ones who had no idea about this? I suppose until you’re booking a long term home, this one isn’t so obvious!

This is our trick we learned a few weeks ago when booking our apartment in Canada. We had the full amount of funds ready to book the apartment for 3 months, but when getting to the checkout, we learned we only had to pay one month up front. The rest was then payable monthly for the remaining 2 months, which was a pleasant suprise for us!

Our private garden pod stay at Kuih Kapek Homestay in Penang, Malaysia – perfect for budget backpackers!

Airbnb Superhost & Airbnb Plus

Airbnb Superhost has been around since 2009, and is a status that can be earned by hosts having lots of experience and providing extraordinary experiences for people staying with them. Basically, their homes are super clean, super tidy and they are outstanding hosts when it comes to the booking process and overall hospitality! Once this status is earned, they will have this badge (above) on their names/profiles.

airbnb plus

Airbnb Plus is a relatively new feature since 2018, and is a classification hosts can gain by going above and beyond the Superhost status, providing homes with exceptional hospitality, quality, comfort and style. Although these Airbnb’s are outstanding and sound like they would be way out of budget, that’s not always a case. Luke and I have just booked a place for our 6 year anniversary which was just £50 a night! So we got Airbnb Plus status which didn’t break the bank, so it’s well worth checking them out whatever your budget. You will see this lovely logo (above) on Airbnb Plus property listings.

When searching for a place for your trip, you can toggle on and off the Superhost and Airbnb Plus options under “more filters”.

Glamping Cornwall
Our glamping trip at the Lizard Luna in Lizard, Cornwall, England – an incredible Superhost stay!

Big discounts on longer stays

This is always a treat to see pop up on the screen!

If you’ve booked a stay for around a week or longer, you will notice some lovely discounts on there. The longer your stay, the bigger the discount.

Keep this is mind when weighing up hotels and Airbnb’s across different sites for your trip – always type in your dates in Airbnb first, to get a quote and see what discounts you can be getting if you book! Other hotel sites don’t offer these kind of great discounts, although does offer a loyalty scheme where you get your 10th night free.

Yes, you can get a pool like this and a luxury studio apartment for £20-30 per night! Phuket, Thailand.

Instant Book

Instant book properties are just amazing and a great time saver, as they mean that you can book a property instantly without waiting for the hosts approval. This is great for when you want to get something booked up last minute, for the next day for example, and need it confirmed straight away!

This feature has it’s own option to toggle on and off when searching on Airbnb.

Our beautiful, luxury studio apartment in Reykjavik, Iceland – this apartment is in the PERFECT location, right next to shops, nightlife, the main bus stop and even has prime views of the famous Hallgrimskirkja Church!

We hope these Airbnb tips and tricks will help you as much as they have helped us! All links cited under the photos will lead to the Airbnb apartments we’ve mentioned, and we proudly recommend each of them (especially the Reykjavik one)!
Airbnb for the win!! Always.
Happy cute apartment hunting!
Round the world with us


  • Michael

    I have never thought of using Airbnb, my go-to is always Booking

    But I’ll try Airbnb after a week through the link you provided (It’s great to save £34), I have a reason to test it out.

    Never knew about the monthly installment payment, good to know 

    Thanks Kelly&Luke;, great content, keep going. 


      You are about to open up a whole new world with Airbnb!! There is literally nothing like it – it is always out go-to and has so many amazing and unique private places, we love it!

      Enjoy the £34 discount and pass it along 🙂 thanks for commenting!

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