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kelly round the world with us

Hi, I'm Kelly!

I was born and raised in Hertfordshire, England and studied Tourism and Event Management at Bournemouth University, living there for from 2012-2014. I have always been a free spirit but truly started to fall in love with travel when my Dad used to take me along to work on his bus when I was about 16, touring around Europe with a group of American's! I fell in love with the world and how much there was to be explored and will always dedicate my life to travel. I have also had a camera in my hand since I was a kid and studied photography at school too, so have definitely grown into that passion along the way as well! I am currently doing some photography work for some big brands too, which I love and is something else I am looking to develop.

Luke round the world with us

Hi, I'm Luke!

I was born and raised in Southeast London and have always been a big fan of technology and music, and still have a passion for both - music is even what brought me and Kelly together! I have had the pleasure of DJ'ing at multiple events across the country, my biggest one being at Leeds Festival! I haven't actually always been big on travel either and had only been to a few countries before I met Kelly, so I'm really grateful for the adventures we have been on together since we met in 2014. Our travel plans for the future will hopefully involve us living somewhere in Canada for 2 years, which should be going ahead in October 2020, which we’re really excited about! After that? We shall see...

Our Story

Luke and I met at the beginning of 2014 through our mutual love of music (Dubstep to be precise!). We had constantly spotted each other at several Dubstep raves, unknowingly having quite a few mutual friends and even knowing each others names, but had never officially met.

This is where I decided to slide into Luke’s DM’s…

We clicked instantly, fell in love quickly and have been best friends, soul mates and adventure buddies ever since.

We started raving together, seeing friends together, travelling together, practically doing everything together. As we went on through our first and second year, we met more and more people whilst raving and our friendship circle grew and grew (working out to at least 100 mutual friends!). Together as a group, we have travelled far and wide for the best Dubstep events in the world, to places across the UK, France, Belgium and the USA.

Fast forward to 2020 – Luke and I have, for the moment, chosen travel over security, as we both still live at home with parents. We quit our jobs in 2018 and happily spent our mortgage deposit on a one way ticket to Southeast Asia. Exploring the other side of the world for 3 months was the best thing we have done so far and we regret nothing! We are now planning on moving to Canada to work for 2 years from October 2020 and we cannot wait…

For us, life is simply about being happy and that’s all that we are focusing on right now. There is no right or wrong way to live your life, so don’t let society, your friends or your family tell you otherwise. In reality, we have no ties at all to anything we do. If you want to travel, then travel. You’re allowed to quit your job, you’re allowed to not own a home, you’re allowed to not have kids til you’re 35. 

Live your life how you truly want to live it, not how you THINK you should live it.


Luke and I started our couples Instagram page in February 2015 when we went on our first holiday together to Iceland, but didn’t really take it too seriously. It was just somewhere to document our travels and keep our holiday snaps.

Then around 2017, we started to take it a little more seriously as our photography skills began to naturally develop, but at this time it still wasn’t a business. Luke bought me my first DSLR camera for my 23rd birthday and we started playing around with the camera more and getting couples photos during day trips, which was all new to us!

ROUND THE WORLD WITH US then truly came alive in 2018/19 when we travelled Southeast Asia for 3 months! We wanted to document this trip of a lifetime, and having such incredible places to create content really did boost our love for photography and blogging.

The beginning of 2020 is when we finally started to bring our dream to life – expanding ROUND THE WORLD WITH US into a collaborative couples blog. A place for couples to work together, share their ideas and experiences and plan their travels. This is something we have really wanted to do for a while now and cannot wait to see how it develops over time!

Want to know more about our collaborations and how you can get involved? Check out our Join Us page!