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We’re from England and have been together for 5 and a half years now, both being passionate adventurers from the day we could walk (okay maybe not literally). I have a huge passion for photography, and Luke is in love with music and DJ’ing. We’re obsessed and incorporate these wherever we go!

We are currently on a mission to travel the world full-time as a couple, and have already quit our jobs once and jumped on a one way flight to Asia!

We got back from Asia at the beginning of 2019, and are excited to announce that our Canadian work visas have been approved, and we will be moving out there next year! WHAT THE HECKKK.

So far we’ve ticked off 11 countries together and 39 combined, and counting! 


rave couple

So it all started in a Dubstep nightclub. Yep, a proper fairy tale I know! Luke was DJ’ing, I was dancing, and that’s how we met, through our mutual love of Dubstep! A month down the line and it was a regular occurrence for Luke to drive 2 hours to Bournemouth to visit me at Uni, it was so sweet and we felt a crazy connection that neither of us had felt before. We just instantly got on so well and we’re both pretty immature too which works wonders!

We finally made it official soon after, since then we’ve travelled up and down the UK together chasing the music and the best line-ups around, and I support Luke in every show he DJ’s – music has even taken us as far as Paris and Antwerp, and Luke has even played at Leeds Festival in the UK!

We had been saving for a house for 2 years, with the initial plan to rent it out while we go travelling, giving us a bit of income while we’re away. This would also be a safety net giving us a place to come back to afterwards. However, we both just woke up one day and came to a very sudden, yet easy mutual decision that we were going to scrap the house idea and use the money to fly to the other side of the world – ASAP.

That very moment in which we made that decision, was the most exciting and exhilarating moment we’ve ever experienced! We knew we was making the right decision for us personally, as we always live by the life motto on Kelly’s tattoo:

“Live each day as if it were your last”

So there we were, in the middle of South East Asia on an adventure of a lifetime and loving every second! We don’t know what came over us that day when we decided to pack up and leave, but we’re so glad we decided to do so. It was the best 3 months of our lives and we’re forever grateful.

If we can inspire even a just few of you to make a bold decision to do something you’ve always wanted to in life, then that would be a job done for us. Anyone can do what we’ve done, you just have to have the determination and courage to go! We hope you can find it too.


Travel couple

Travel is advancing year-on-year, and if you’re reading this, you’re one of the millions of people itching to adventure and explore this beautiful planet we’re on. So we thought – why not try to help people while we’re doing the same?

There are amazing places to be seen, delicious foods to be tried, and off the beaten paths to be followed. That’s why we’re here – to channel as much new information to you guys to help you out on your travels, sharing our stories along the way.

We’re hoping to make your travel planning a bit easier, your exploring more exciting, as well as sharing all of our travel writers’ stories and secrets with you too!

How you can join us

We welcome new travel writers with open arms, so if you want to write a guest post for us or share an article you’ve already published, then head to our guest post page to read more!

So we’re wishing you all the best and the happiest and safest of travels!
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    • Malee Kenworthy

      Kelly and Luke,

      I love your website! It is very simple, classic, modern and easy to navigate. I also love to travel but I have only been to Mexico, Germany, Holland, France, and Pakistan (I dont know if you count the 4 times I had layovers in Turkey because I didn’t get the chance to explore the city). I look forward to whatever else you post and about your trip coming up in southeast Asia! I follow a school in Kep, Cambodia that was started by an American woman who basically gave up her life in America to build a school in Cambodia and she achieved that. If you are going to Kep, Cambodia I highly recommend to visit her because what she is doing and has done is amazing to say the least! So, I will subscribe to your updates so I can follow your travels and thank you for commenting on my site !

      • Kelly

        Hi Malee, thank you for your comment!

        That’s definitely a good start, we haven’t been to Pakistan or Mexico!
        And wow that’s incredible.. we would genuinely love to witness something like that and meet her – we will keep this in mind! When we travel we really want to come across moments like this, and real stories of people helping others. What is the name of the school?

        Kelly and Luke 🙂

  • Delfipabon

    Hey you are really awesome and I love your inspiring love story 🙂

    Im an argentinian traveller and now Im starting blogging and a youtube channel, I wonder, are you actually able to make some money blogging?

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