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Nice to meet you...

We thought we’d quickly introduce ourselves in case you find yourself here and we haven’t met and you’re not quite sure what ROUND THE WORLD WITH US is all about.

We’re Kelly and Luke, a couple based in London UK, but are usually somewhere else in the world on an adventure!

We believe we were put on this earth to explore it and make the most of it while we can. We were not put here to live our life in one place.

We also believe there is no right or wrong way to live your life, so if you hear adventure calling your name, then go. Live your life the way you truly want to, not the way you THINK you should. 

If travel is your passion, then pursue it with absolutely everything you’ve got.

We are here to share our travel stories and experiences with you, as well as working with other globe-trotters (you) to share their stories too.